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Diffcore SPM (2001 - 2002) Commissioned to design four special purpose pharmaceutical machines to FDA regulatory requirements for use in a sterile manufacturing environment and complying to GMP requirements and proofed to a minimum of IP65. In essence each machine will be identical in operation, however, each machine must be designed to operate in disparate geographical areas. Each tablet is coated in a non soluble barrier material of 0.1mm thickness. Each tablet is to have the coating removed in a specific area on both sides to allow controlled release of the drug. When each tablet is “drilled” to remove the coating it is important that the depth of the hole is controlled to within 0.01mm to ensure that a minimum amount of active ingredient is lost and thus dust and wastage is kept to a manageable level. Each machine is to be capable of processing a minimum of 100,000 tablets per hour.
Filtered Water Dispensing Unit For Laboratory Use (2005) Commissioned to take the conceptual prototype and create production ready part and assembly drawings and a fully detailed BOM in readiness for volume manufacture.
Design and Detail Filter Systems for two sizes of Biological Safety Cabinet (2005) Commissioned to produce 3D designs and 2D details for the manufacture by fabrication of the above products.
Cryogenic Test Equipment (2006) Design and fully detail for manufacture cryogenic equipment for testing tessellating terahertz radar absorbing materials.
Haemo-Dialysis Cartridge (2009) Commissioned to design a Dialysis Cartridge for a Portable Kidney Dialysis Machine based upon the clients current technology and prototypes.
Keeler Ophthalmoscope body (2000) Commissioned to Design and develop a low cost Ophthalmoscope body for use “in the field”. The product should be self powered ·Able to accept all existing “heads” ·Robust and durable
A Range Of Water Purification Units To Purify 60—125 Litres Per Hour(2010) Commissioned to take the conceptual prototype and create a range of 4 variants. All 4 variants were fully detailed ready for manufacture. All parts sub-assemblies and assemblies were modelled in 3D with fully detailed drawings and a fully detailed BOM. All assembly data was integrated in the sub-assembly, assembly and General Arrangement drawings.
Radome (2017) Commissioned to produce “a rough guide to manufacturing feasibility and order of magnitude cost for 1 item, and batches of 10 items”. Following the completion of the “Project Definition” document some assumptions had to be made in order to complete the study, namely: 4 possible methods of manufacture would be investigated; Rotational (Roto)-moulding, Vacuum (Vac)-Forming, GRP PU Foam.
Part files (3D and 2D CAD) for each method have been generated.: Roto-Moulded Half wave GRP; Thin Wall High Dielectric PU; Quarter Wave Vac-Formed; Low Dielectric Additional Part files (3D and 2D CAD) have been generated to establish a possible sealing arrangement and mounting arrangement to the vehicle. This includes additional bespoke metal and rubber parts - as well as off the shelf fasteners. Resistance to any specific chemicals was not indicated so only resistance to general chemicals used in vehicle cleaning were considered. Resistance to any specific forces was not indicated so only resistance to general impacts from road debris would be considered. FOCUS: This report will concentrate mainly on the design and manufacturing feasibility for the RADOME, and although important, the additional parts can be classified as general mechanical engineering parts and as such do not require any special treatment.
Enclosure End panels (2018) Commissioned to design bespoke flat end panels to retro fit into an “off the shelf” electrical enclosure. Also commissioned to produce 10—off each part by 3D printing in ABS
AWT Limited 2019
Heat Exchanger (2020) Commissioned to Design a Cross Flow Heat Exchanger and to supply 2D drawings and part specifications so Parts can be manufactured.