Since 1998

Remember the iMac G3 - introduced by Apple in 1998 - that was the same year that AlphaWave was born. Our vision was simple, to use our in depth knowledge of product design, prototyping, tooling design and manufacturing to bring new products to market:

- On Time

- In Budget

- To Specification

Since 1998 AlphaWave has developed a system of working that manages risks, costs and time - to deliver the best possible products. Our innovation process ensures that our expertise in design, and technology is integrated throughout your project. Through a balanced programme that is cyclical and concurrent, we deliver projects in a risk- managed and timely manner. We can apply our process from the beginning of a project (reviewing business plans) all the way to completion (managing production partners), or at specific stages to complement your in-house team.

Our Design programme includes:


We identify areas of opportunity by understanding your business goals, customers’ needs and market trends and applicable technology and then agree what needs to be done.


we explore different ideas for what can be done and then determine what should be done to best align concepts with your business and project objectives.


we develop, analyse and test concepts to demonstrate how they can be done to complete design and engineering solutions.


we can build prototypes to prove solutions, as well as testing and evaluating them to verify that they meet defined requirements and validate that they’re fit for the intended purpose.


we specify and document final designs for your team or production partners with the necessary quality management to ensure effective transfer.


we have built a network of 3 rd party model shops, prototype manufacturers, toolmakers, oem part vendors, mould-shops, assemblers and packers both in the UK and abroad that we can call upon if required.
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