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Dish Wash Dosing System

Are Your Design And Development Costs Too High?

By streamlining the design process we can achieve effective cost savings due to complexity reduction.

Floor Cleaning Machine
Gel Pot Air Freshener
Security Camera
Spirit Bottle
Opthalmascope Body
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Do You Need To Deliver Innovative Designs?

Our knowledge and experience of product innovation and development across numerous product areas can help you deliver on-time, to specification and in-budget.

Are Projects Taking Too Long?

By utilizing state of the art CAD systems to optimize the design process and exploiting time compression technologies to produce realistic models and prototypes in days will result in smarter decisions and shorter tooling lead times that can slash the time to bring the product to market.

Do You Need To Rework Designs To Make Them Achievable, Are Your Specifications And Supply Chain Too Complicated?

We offer a value engineering (VE) service to obtain optimum value by providing the necessary function at the lowest life cycle cost without sacrificing quality, aesthetics, operation, or maintenance capabilities.

Do You Need To Investigate The Market, Weigh up the Competition Or Introduce A New Product, Technology Or Design?

We can carry out market research and organize focus groups to develop a strategic brand. We can also forecast the impact that implementing new products, technologies and designs will have.

Are Your Resources Overstretched, Do You Require Specialist Skills And Expertise To Manage And Complete All Projects In House?

We can provide a resource for short term specialist skills including expertise in design, engineering, product & process evaluation, project management and trouble-shooting.

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